Folding doors Vivaldi
Crystalline Classic

  • 138 mm x 9 mm double wall vinyl panel
  • “S” type handle & double magnetic latch
  • each full panel is separately suspended
  • double co-extrusion hard hinge
  • protective cap fitting at top and bottom of each panel
  • 14.8 cm wide vinyl add-on-panel
  • universal installation – from left to right side or from right to left side
  • you can cut it for any size
  • full assembled, supplied with complete fixing kit
  • clear installation instructions included
  • easy to maintain
  • scratch resistant
Available colors:
011 pure white
0078 pine
045 red beach
280 light oak
9324 dark walnut
The standard height is 203 cm. Crystalline Classic door can be shortened to 110 cm height.  acceptable cut

55,00 cm-2 pcs
69,50 cm-1 pcs
84,00 cm0 (standard)
98,50 cm+1 pcs
113,00 cm+2 pcs
127,50 cm+3 pcs
142,00 cm+4 pcs
156,50 cm+5 pcs
Installation instructions:
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