Features of VIVALDI doors:
    • high quality (till 4 years),
    • patented design solutions
      (eg. quiet feed system),
    • modern design,
    • beauty and rich colors.
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VIVALDI folding doors

are unique products designed
for people who value space and comfort.
Special recipe of PVC makes VIVALDI doors are aesthetic
(matte, not shiny) and lightweight, but extremely durable.

We offer full and glass doors (special plastic),
which perfectly skip light.

We offer a unique and wide range of colors.
Colors of VIVALDI doors are based on different wood species
include white oak, beech, oak, walnut, alder, pine.

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The wing slides along top track so you don’t have to make a slit in the floor which makes it easier to keep the floor clean.

wymagane-miejsce VIVALDI door can be fixed in any doorway. It makes no difference if the door open from left to right or the other way. The installation is universal. All the models are offered in a standard height 202-203 cm. If it is too high it can be cut along the bottom edge with a small saw. All the doors can be widened by adding additional panels or narrowed by deducting them.

VIVALDI doors are perfectly packed and prepared for shipment, so they reach the customer in perfect condition. Each piece is protected with polystyrene foam, foil, and thick cardboard. Ordered goods are sent by courier companies and freight forwarders, therefore we guarantee the delivery of each order in the minimum time limits.

We are convinced of the highest quality of VIVALDI doors, because only we give to 4-year warranty on our products. We invite you to get to know with full characteristics of each door Vivaldi.